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In January 2015 the Australian Government aunched the Industry Skills Fund - (ISF).  The ISF was established to fund small and medium businesses which have an identified growth opportunity.  The Fund will co-invest in [accredited and non-accredited] training or mentoring to meet identified skills gaps.  However it is important to understand that the ISF does not provide funding for business as usual or business compliance training.

Rural Skills Australia working in conjunction with the National Farmers’ Federation is assisting the Australian Government to promote the ISF through our network of Education and Training Advisers.  The Government recently contracted six organisations to deliver assistance to businesses referred by the Department of Education and Training to determine skills gaps and make appropriate training recommendations.

For detailed information visit:

This site includes ISF guidelines, factsheets and FAQ as well as details on how individual enterprises and consortia can potentially access the fund.  All applications for funding are made online through this website and applications will be judged against eligibility and merit requirements. The Application process begins with an online Enquiry form or by calling 13 28 46.

The Rural Career Guide was produced by Rural Skills Australia with support from the Australian Government through the Australian Apprenticeships Advisers’ Program.

Case studies are presented in most instances by people already working in the rural industry giving first-hand accounts of what rural jobs actually involve, who does the work and all training and qualifications.

The Rural Career Guide captures the successes from almost 20 years of our hard working network of agricultural and horticultural Education and Training Advisers. It combines a range of previously developed RSA materials and information and assembled with new and revised content. Visit the Rural Career Guide